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tried painting lol
explicit345732 artist:spectre-z182 fluttershy210751 pony949952 anus95403 ass48344 big eyes1032 blue underwear2435 blushing194498 both cutie marks10264 clitoris26783 clothes452841 embarrassed11202 female1346279 flutterbutt4976 fluttershy's cottage1366 human vagina on pony3916 legs in air3800 looking at you165283 looking between legs741 nudity364824 on back24105 panties49628 panties around legs2304 panties pulled down3898 plot77664 solo1051767 solo female177806 spread legs18745 spreading18559 underhoof51208 underwear60052 vaginal secretion stain779 vaginal secretions39360 vaginal secretions trail1606 vulva125738 wallpaper18494


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Here for the PLOT
While I'm not the biggest fan of this piece personally, i do appreciate u experimenting and trying to incorporate your own style in your work lately, instead of just the mostly show accurate look you usually go with (not that there's anything wrong with the show accurate stuff
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Background Pony #4ED9
The texture of the fluids is great but the rest is….well for lack of a better word, bad.