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safe1859840 artist:yakovlev-vad546 princess celestia100611 queen chrysalis37379 twilight sparkle319760 alicorn253219 centipede107 changeling54097 changeling queen19635 insect2325 nymph726 :<1214 changeling hive674 cheese827 commission84905 cute220073 cutealis2246 cuteling849 eyes closed108900 female1499586 floating heart3902 foal20687 food79713 heart54794 jar1173 looking at you195878 mommy chrissy284 nom3189 open mouth175635 plushie26617 prone28407 sitting71817 smiling296527 thought bubble3989


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Might be a future general.  
Example in Lord of the rings when saruman was creating orcs and that really really large buff one stood up over the rest, becoming the first of the elite orcs, the uruk-ki.
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Is that a 5*?
It’s the angle. Because we’re looking at it from the bottom, the flapping isn’t as apparent, and what I’m assuming you think is the mouth is its nose.
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@Background Pony #A8B0  
Why does everyone keep saying that that was willful on Chrysalis’s part? Every time I re-read the transcript for that season finale, I can’t see any indication that she even knew Starlight’s approach would work, or that she was deliberately keeping her subjects underfed. She explicitly states that her plan is for all the love meant for the royals, etc. to nourish the hive – not just her – for generations to come.
Sure there was probably some element of not taking well to having her authority questioned by anyone, but I still interpret Chrysalis there as having a good reason to think Starlight’s idea would fail and being insulted that she would suggest it as if it hadn’t already been thought of before – her “you know nothing” line smacks of “if it was that easy, then why would I bother going through all this trouble for so long?”.
Background Pony #51B2
She willingly kept her species in the dark ages, constantly starving, because she couldn’t stop clinging to power. She openly denounced moving forward when it was finally pointed out to them by Starlight, saying that she makes the rules.
Chrysalis seemed to care about the changelings more as tools to further her conquest than loved subjects. No one can prove that beyond a shadow of doubt that, but with everything that’s happened the ‘mommy Chrysalis’ headcanon has gotten immensely delusional.
Really not sure why die hard Chrysalis fans try painting her as some sympathetic villain when she’s not shown one redeeming factor in the entire show. What exactly is so wrong in liking a well-made selfish villain? Enjoy her for what she is.

Gay Viking
This is that Chryssy, she wasn’t a pointlessly evil villain like Sombra and her minions were her subjects, we never saw her raise them to be evil nor did we really see the changelings do evil things, eating what they consider food isn’t evil neither is hissing as even Thorax did that.
At this point reformation would mean the equivalent of death for her and her species so hopefully these ones don’t reform.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Looking at this, I so desperately hope that this Chryssy has reformed after her defeats and won’t raise her kids to be her hopeless minions o’ evil.
Background Pony #A835
It’s all fun and games before the hero leaps in and stabs them all to death with his nail.