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Self explanatory. The Hnng for these two are powerful. Thank you all for the support so far guys. Even though I’m somewhat shy to respond to all the support, know that I acknowledge it. Rainbow Dash cutiemark vector image: uxyd.deviantart.com/art/Rainbo…
safe (1109471)artist:a8f12 (71)rainbow dash (167213)twilight sparkle (207762)alicorn (100438)cuddling (5424)cute (93590)featured image (516)female (409628)floppy ears (26925)gradient background (4807)heart (26601)ipad (138)lesbian (60487)mare (169039)on top (710)pegasus (98880)pony (402253)prone (14920)shipping (121584)smiling (113591)tablet (374)transparent mane (69)twidash (4119)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (72698)watching (625)

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