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explicit350359 artist:burgerkiss502 octavia melody23764 succubus1277 anthro260181 bikini18135 bottomless13641 breasts277663 busty octavia2428 clothes459550 condom3122 female1362929 heart48377 heart eyes16599 horns5946 latex11722 micro bikini829 nipples167151 nudity369966 partial nudity20507 socks66310 solo1064103 solo female179780 succutavia33 swimsuit28272 thigh highs36315 tongue out103933 vulva127747 wingding eyes22256


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Considerate as all hell that a succubus would provide condoms. Im also paranoid about pregnancy.

"You think I WANT to get pregnant? Please, I know there's a corruption factor and such, but it's only male demons that impregnate mortal women to replenish our numbers, I don't need a mortal man giving me a crappy child I don't want to put up with!"
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Pfft. Wow. I quit a game in which I was making a succubus-themed character, bring up DB and this is the first thing I see.

Good pic. You can never go wrong with the succubus treatment.