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explicit376045 artist:burgerkiss509 octavia melody24677 succubus1430 anthro281423 bikini19828 bottomless14476 breasts302707 busty octavia melody2624 clothes498183 condom3400 female1454119 heart52220 heart eyes18357 horns6967 latex13432 micro bikini1002 nipples184515 nudity398427 partial nudity22517 socks72006 solo1142530 solo female189407 succutavia33 swimsuit31036 thigh highs40881 tongue out113758 vulva139688 wingding eyes24662


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Considerate as all hell that a succubus would provide condoms. Im also paranoid about pregnancy.
“You think I WANT to get pregnant? Please, I know there’s a corruption factor and such, but it’s only male demons that impregnate mortal women to replenish our numbers, I don’t need a mortal man giving me a crappy child I don’t want to put up with!”
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Pfft. Wow. I quit a game in which I was making a succubus-themed character, bring up DB and this is the first thing I see.
Good pic. You can never go wrong with the succubus treatment.