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I like this character; 10/10, would mom again
explicit370945 alternate version53370 artist:thebatfang218 shining armor23969 twilight velvet4557 unicorn358385 anthro276920 aftersex9907 and that's how twilight sparkle was made78 anus103152 bed43543 breasts297689 busty twilight velvet869 clitoris29343 clothes490070 creampie33101 cum83788 cum string1041 dripping cum3572 ear fluff33519 female1436716 female focus6883 gilf584 good boy250 heart51463 horsecock74244 implied impregnation444 implied incest1730 implied infidelity378 implied shining armor377 incest14330 infidelity7079 infidelity armor1614 legs in air4107 looking up17684 male400712 mare520346 milf10224 mother and son3191 nipples181138 nudity392578 offscreen character37090 on back25802 on bed4105 overflowing cum57 penis163779 shiningvelvet402 shipping209947 smiling273700 solo focus18148 speech3200 spread pussy3988 stockings35459 straight143717 thigh highs39755 urethra2530 vagina50631 vulva137042


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This confuses me… it thought i typed grimdark in the tags when i didn’t, and now i can’t see it but the tag changes page says no one’s touched the tags after me…