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I like this character; 10/10, would mom again
explicit345729 alternate version43762 artist:thebatfang205 shining armor22943 twilight velvet4237 unicorn315542 anthro256096 aftersex9288 and that's how twilight sparkle was made73 anus95402 bed40282 breasts272973 busty twilight velvet777 clitoris26781 clothes452832 creampie30049 cum78276 cum string900 dripping cum3144 ear fluff28685 female1346251 female focus6245 gilf513 good boy234 heart47596 horsecock67451 implied impregnation394 implied incest1612 implied infidelity354 implied shining armor344 incest13396 infidelity6474 infidelity armor1527 legs in air3800 looking up16181 male366527 mare471971 milf9409 mother and son2945 nipples164255 nudity364819 offscreen character33424 on back24105 on bed3306 overflowing cum55 penis151323 shiningvelvet385 shipping197788 smiling243183 solo focus16572 speech3137 spread pussy3646 stockings32141 straight134521 thigh highs35523 urethra2441 vagina48517 vulva125736


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This confuses me… it thought i typed grimdark in the tags when i didn't, and now i can't see it but the tag changes page says no one's touched the tags after me…