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Commission for demonfox75
explicit350351 artist:audrarius600 spike78774 sunset shimmer63010 dog9507 human154668 equestria girls200399 anal27447 barefoot27559 bedroom eyes59379 bestiality2224 big breasts82056 blushing197616 breasts277651 busty sunset shimmer5433 clothes459531 doggy style7735 exposed breasts1925 feet39884 female1362901 fetish39972 from behind13328 hanging breasts1168 humanized100062 interspecies22924 larger female746 looking back57436 male372637 nipples167146 nudity369956 open mouth145817 penetration58290 sex121112 shipping200230 shirt24915 shirt lift2823 simple background393314 size difference14307 skirt39746 skirt lift4733 smaller male658 smiling248414 spike gets all the equestria girls147 spike the dog2621 straight136376 sunsetspike148 sweat26343 vulva127746 white background97832 zoophilia204


not provided yet


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I wonder if that's Dragon Spike or Dog Spike.

And I'm not sure if this is an edit of that picture of Spike the Dog with human Fluttershy, but I would love to see this picture with the other characters.

Of course that exists. Though there isn't a better character to represent it.
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Virtually real pony.
I'm always sad to see how rare Bestiality is in here. Thanks for improving the total count with a very nice one :D