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Commission for demonfox75
explicit376045 artist:audrarius600 spike82412 sunset shimmer66914 dog10554 human176047 equestria girls215483 anal29704 barefoot29610 bedroom eyes64281 bestiality2348 big breasts90955 blushing213556 breasts302706 busty sunset shimmer6003 clothes498183 doggy style8194 exposed breasts2200 feet43568 female1454116 fetish43626 from behind14493 hanging breasts1325 humanized104041 interspecies24582 larger female909 looking back63797 male407224 nipples184514 nudity398426 open mouth165809 penetration64604 sex131580 shipping212359 shirt27661 shirt lift3033 simple background432517 size difference15746 skirt42808 skirt lift4896 smaller male842 smiling280368 spike gets all the equestria girls154 spike the dog2728 straight145391 sunsetspike152 sweat29097 vulva139688 white background108445 zoophilia221


not provided yet


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I wonder if that’s Dragon Spike or Dog Spike.
And I’m not sure if this is an edit of that picture of Spike the Dog with human Fluttershy, but I would love to see this picture with the other characters.
Of course that exists. Though there isn’t a better character to represent it.
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Artist -
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Virtually real pony.
I’m always sad to see how rare Bestiality is in here. Thanks for improving the total count with a very nice one :D