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explicit370121 artist:thebrokencog894 part of a set14472 rarity188355 spike81598 human162292 belly30455 belly button83559 big breasts89020 breasts296931 busty rarity13740 complete nudity4425 cowgirl position7515 creampie32994 cum83606 female1434107 femdom8591 hairclip1178 humanized103197 male399754 nipples180666 nudity391689 open mouth161576 penetration63190 penis163396 pubic hair8194 riding7744 sex129335 shipping209544 sparity6997 straight143388 vaginal42397 vulva136650


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I hope that I’m not offending you in any way, but I sincerely thought that I would never see a Sparity image illustrated and colored by you. I definitely love your style in your works though. I’m just happy to see that show up, even if it’s a commission. I hope that I will be seeing more of them in the future..

I’ve always been more a fan of nude sex,(casual ik) but a version where she had the bikini would be great. I’m just wondering if thebrokencog plans to do more sets of each of the girls..
Background Pony #1ECD
Twilight: Where is Spike and Rarity? They were suppose to be back with drinks four hours ago.
Rainbow Dash: Four hours huh. He’s going the distance with Rarity. He usually cops out after one hour with me.
Applejack: Really? My first time with him only lasted five minutes tops.
Twilight: What are you two talking about? And wait, where is my Viagra? I was saving that for me, Timber, Sunset and Flash tonight.
Fluttershy: Wait he stole your Viagra? Oh then him and Rarity will be at it all night.
Twilight: At What?
Pinkie Pie: You know? Spreading the cake and eating the pie.
Twilight: What?
Applejack: You know? Milking the bull.
Twilight: What?
Rainbow Dash: You know? Hitting Cloud Nine.
Twilight: What?
Fluttershy: You know? Beating the bear.
  • Suddenly all of them looked really confused toward Fluttershy’s words *
    Fluttershy: What? Have none of you ever had sex with a bear before.
    Twilight:…..Wait…Wait…. Spike and Rarity are doing what?!?!
    Rainbow Dash: Eeyep. And by sound of it, they will be at it all night.
    Twilight: But…. but…. he was suppose to keep me satisfied until Sunset, Timber and Flash.
    Fluttershy: But Spike like a little brother to you.
  • Suddenly everyone backs far from Twilight *
    Twilight: What? I can’t help that he great in bed.
    All: Well, you have a point.
    Twilight: But he’s nothing compared taking Flash and Timber in both ends.
    All: Actually those two are too small when compared to him.
    Twilight: No they are not and how… do you know…. that? Did you sleep with my boyfriends too?
  • Suddenly all of them run for their life *
    Twilight: Hey, get back here you sluts!!