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머핀먹는 더피 그려봄
앉아서 머핀먹는 더피그려봄 ㅇㅇ

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I like to imagine Derpy only likes a couple light shades of grey with her dear Doctor Whooves. Who knows though?
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Sunset is Best Girl
@Lord Seraph
It’s reinforcing harmful stereotypes that handicapped people are dumb. Think of how challenged children will feel when they see this!

Are you for real?

No seriously, I’ve encountered some peak levels of stupid and sometimes it’s hard to tell who is genuinely not thinking things through and who is just really hard core trolling.
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@Lord Seraph
While I’m going to be on the side of taking what you said as humor. It may be best to be clearer with that in your posts.
Text alone doesn’t carry sarcasm well, and people love excuses to argue.

I’m just askin ya to tone it down a bit.

And if you’re being serious: Then stop it, image comments aren’t the place for that discussion.
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Yet One More Idiot

World's biggest idiot xD
There is nothing offensive in this image. It is an adorable image of our favourite adorable mailmare enjoying a day off, sitting on a fence and enjoying one of her favourite treat, a yummy muffin. There is no bad here. :)
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