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explicit (271505)artist:ohmudak (27)fluttershy (177617)3d (48357)60 fps (324)ahegao (17240)animated (82029)anus (74613)balls (55358)bedroom eyes (42572)cowgirl position (4861)cute (139582)cute porn (5898)erection (8231)eyes closed (64235)eyes rolling back (1152)female (710814)firefly (insect) (652)flutterbutt (3421)forest (7075)happy sex (1349)human (125768)human male (5396)human male on mare (3042)human on pony action (8909)human penis (9901)hybrid vagina (139)interspecies (17801)lucky bastard (1592)male (241228)mare (311380)no sound (2069)nudity (282873)open mouth (98995)pegasus (173012)penetration (38942)penis (116575)plot (62403)ponut (32168)pony (650303)romantic (862)sex (89580)smiling (173535)source filmmaker (28598)straight (105114)vaginal (28045)vaginal secretions (31611)vulva (92488)webm (6555)wip (6840)


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Background Pony #EC12
@Dusk Raven

Yeah, but he hasn’t responded to ANY social media related things for a year. He’s dead, apparently, unless he suddenly springs up and explains he was away for college or something.
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On the bright side, recent talking about this image made me watch it a few more times over the past few days, which is good, because this is a great image.
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Dusk Raven
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (7 Years) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.

Have Opinion, Will Write
Well, people usually don’t go completely absent for that long unless they’re either dead, don’t have internet access (itself possibly for various reasons), or have left the fandom.
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Hoofsies Rule
Yes Seems like his activity was never frequent but both pictures being dublicates from 6 and 7 days ago? Can only guess. At least you could guess the last activity was 6 months ago so that’s still long but no indicator something happened to the artist
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What probably happened is someone uploaded duplicates of his favourites. When that happens, the old versions get deleted and you are left with the new uploads.

If you look at the graphs his activity is dead.

If you go to the source links of those favourites that are only 6 days old, you will find that those artworks are actually older than 10 months.

His derpibooru account is odissei. If you search for his favorites (faved_by:odissei), his latest favorites were 10 months ago, latest uploads 10 months ago, latest comments 10 months ago, latest tag changes 11 months ago, latest source edits 10 months ago.

If you look at his tumblr account, his latest posts and likes were 10 months ago.

If you look at his patreon account, latest posts were 10 months ago.

So I don’t know what you mean.
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Smol Fluff Pone
@Dusk Raven
If you look at the account of this artist and look at their favorites, it shows you the time the most recent artwork he has favorited was uploaded. Most recent favorite artwork was uploaded 6 days ago. I believed he’s okay. ^^
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(Previously known as Celestia’s side hoe)

My peepee itches
I really do hope that ohmudak finishes this, Safe to call him the argodaemon of porn
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