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Well, for Cadence, it's more like father-in-law…

You know, Hasbro needs to come clean about what happened to her parents. The show's already hitting 7 seasons and I feel as if Cadence needs a little more flashback time besides having been Twilight's foalsitter.

:bulletpink: Anyway…February 13, this day four years ago, it was a really painful moment in my life that I found myself "celebrating" every year. Mom kicking dad out because of their differences, and because my dad was being an idiot back then.

Go to four years later and we're in 2017. We're closer than ever before. I don't know why I keep remembering Feb. 13, 2013. I guess where there are bad memories, it leads to good memories. And dad and I have made many new and great memories after mom died.

Knowing how far Cadence has gone since Season 2, she's made some pretty good memories as well. This is the first time ever I've drawn myself with Cadence…and I sort of messed up. ;

PLEASE READ: I mixed up the layers on my tablet and accidentally inked over the rough sketch. ; So I had to improvise and decide that Uncle Grandpa was the one who made this. He's actually done a "How to Draw" segment on his show. He's a pretty good artist. :nod:

To be honest, guys, when I said I was only "1% of a fan" for MLP FIM…I mostly said that because 2016 was a horrible year for me…and because bronies were being @$$hats to me even when I wasn't trying to make fanart that made fun of their ponies. :pissed:

In fact, when I first started making crossovers featuring MLP characters, I did it because I genuinely loved the show. But then bronies started throwing negative feedback at me because I mixed MLP with something that "isn't supposed to be mixed with MLP at all".

I love cartoons. And I enjoy putting them together in little or big crossovers. I'm not the only one who makes crossovers featuring Twilight and her friends. How come I'm the one who has to be made miserable? :( Yeah, pretty much being looked at like a moron by most bronies is pretty much why I couldn't stand the show most of the time.

And then in 2017 I realized: almost EVERY show has @$$hat fans. Not just Steven Universe (f*** those people for trying to drive an artist to suicide), but even Veggietales in the House, Teen Titans Go, the god-forsaken Breadwinners, and so much more.

Like the meme: @$$holes are everywhere. And in every fandom.

How much I honestly love MLP: 50% love it, 50% hate it. Same could be said with Teen Titans Go. It makes some hits, but also makes a lot of misses…I've realized this since taking more time to watch it. I mean, Robin isn't a douche ALL the time, and Raven actually makes more sense than all the titans put together. I still think TTG Beast Boy is ugly, but his personality is still there…somewhere. ;

It's 2017, I'm 24 and have grown more understanding about the good and bad stuff of animation. I've seen at least a few okay points with Foodfight…but it was still a fail. And like I said before, dad and I are much closer than we had been before. :)

Love isn't fast-happening. Tolerance takes patience. Family is always.


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Background Pony #E3E0
Your not an intellectual Manares. No matter what some pretentious dipshit says, your not an intellectual.
Background Pony #0AAF
Yeah you guys, she's making the whole I like MLP thing up. She's always made it up for attention, but of course your so stupid to believe it.