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explicit333761 artist:pusspuss638 rainbow dash226629 oc643321 oc:anon11320 pegasus266204 pony905437 anatomically correct22583 anus91741 barn2953 bedroom eyes56167 begging931 bit504 bit gag1201 bondage32030 bound wings3375 breeding885 bridle3451 clitoris25567 clopfic in the comments986 collar31001 crotchboobs19939 dialogue62046 dock46765 dripping5086 dripping from both ends136 drool23597 drool string5357 estrus1564 female1305513 floppy ears48921 frog (hoof)11523 gag13748 grayscale36678 heart clitoris1583 heart eyes15194 hitching post40 horny929 horseshoes2102 imminent sex5716 implied anon636 looking at you156841 looking back53392 monochrome146101 nipples155730 nudity350950 offscreen character32008 open mouth133542 patreon12157 patreon logo8444 plot74493 ponut41080 presenting22898 puckered asshole2910 rainbutt dash3301 raised hoof42105 raised tail14294 reins948 saddle2039 solo1020312 solo female174036 speech bubble21708 spread wings50818 stupid sexy rainbow dash2402 tack4248 tail23543 tail aside1254 tail wrap6236 talking to viewer2362 teats7449 tongue out97357 underhoof49170 vaginal secretions38166 vulva120283 vulvar winking11092 wingboner7981 wingding eyes20688 wings93155


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Background Pony #89CE
This is great, but I can't help but notice that she probably wouldn't be able to speak this clearly with that thing in her mouth.
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Hey all, I'm writing a short ClopFic based on the above picture. Link below:


Just want to say that I'm a HUGE Pusspuss fan. I love his writing even more than his artwork if that's possible. If he doesn't like that I'm referencing this pic, I'll remove everything instantly.

Quick preview below


…she felt his stallionhood begin to jerk and spasm, and her body wanted nothing more than to feel the sweet, warm, sticky release from its yearning to be filled with her father's cum, to be his broodmare and bear his foals, to have a fat pregnant-teenage belly while she drowned in his hot sticky juices until she lost her mind thoughts of ball-slapping, cock-heads, flares, kissing, sperm, dicks, penises, spurting, squirting, juices, splatter…

Rainbow awoke with a start, her body soaked with sweat and her bed and sheets a complete mess. It took her a second to catch her bearings and remind herself that she wasn't a teenage filly, that she was the head of the Weather Division in Ponyville, that she was a Wonderbolt active duty member… and most importantly that she wasn't getting fucked senseless by her dad.

That being said, as she took stock of her surroundings, she couldn't help but feel the soaking wet nature of her sheets below the waist, and her still aching and burning nethers.

Rainbow threw her head back against her pillows in frustration as she realized what was happening. "Ugh I hate heat dreams! Scratch that, I hate estrus altogether!" She threw off her blankets and got up, wringing her pungent and wet tail onto her balled up sheets. "Sooo embarrassing… my own dad!? Thanks a lot, brain!" Rainbow groaned as she tried and failed to erase the memory of her father's pulsing cock in her throbbing vagina out of her mind.
She threw the sheets into her hamper as she stumbled through her house, the sun having already risen a while earlier "Estrus dreams are the worst! They never finish you off either, always leave you hanging so you want to run out and bump uglies with the first stallion you run into."

She walked into her bathroom and ripped open the medicine cabinet as she continued grumbling to herself. "I thought I had at least two weeks before my estrus would start, too! I know I'm always early but sheesh, this is pushing it! Must have been all that extra sun I got… now where is it…" Rainbow shoved various pill bottles around before seizing upon a particular purple potion bottle with a crescent moon logo and a foal-proof cap. She eagerly undid the cap and upended the bottle into her open mouth and outstretched tongue… only for nothing to happen.

"Argh! AND I'M OUT OF MOON TEA!? Great, just great!" Rainbow slapped her wing against her forehead. Moon Tea was an essential medicine for all mares in Equestria. It had a two-fold effect: suppressing the powerful biological urges and physical reactions brought on by estrus in mares so that they would not feel compelled to rut every living male in sight until receiving their desired load of semen… and acting as a powerful contraceptive in case any mare should choose to engage in some sex while in estrus. Rainbow took a moment to remember how she'd drained this bottle before shacking up with Spitfire, Soarin', and Thunderlane for 4 days of raunchy debauchery during her last heat.

"This just gets better and better… now I'll have to start my day with a cold shower and a run to the Ponyville apothecary." She turned on the cold water tap from her cloud-based shower, turning the stream as ice cold as she could handle it and doing the only thing she knew could help at this moment. Taking very much the same position she'd just held in her dream (and causing her to think once again about Bow Hothoof fucking her teenage self senseless… thanks a lot brain…) she presented her plot to the freezing stream and shuddered as the ice-cold water poured over her aching clit.

"This sucks." Rainbow groaned.

A few minutes later, Rainbow was bounding down her stairs, grabbing her saddlebags as she went before a noise from her living room caused her to freeze.

"H-hello?" Rainbow craned her neck over the banister to see who was in her home.

A very familiar blue pegasus put down the picture she was looking at and turned happily toward Rainbow. "Hi Honey! We were just passing through on our way out to Appleloosa for the cherry pie pairs eating competition and thought we'd drop in to say hello and maybe grab some breakfast with our number one daughter!" Windy Whistles, Rainbow Dash's always chipper and energetic mom intoned happily.

Rainbow Dash felt her stomach drop. "Is… is dad here too?" She looked around nervously. Windy Whistles walked up to Rainbow while she adopted a concerned look on her face…
Background Pony #8F6E
It would be really hot if this is what they have instead of marriage in Equestria.
While it would be pretty hot, the killjoy in me remembers that we know have actual weddings. We've even seen two of them.

Still a fun idea though.

Let's say we have an extreme gender ratio of 10 mares to every stallion.
That's probably not far off from the reality. Kind of makes you wonder if things would even out a bit if the princesses didn't have to have all male royal guards.

Breeding season only lasts a single day of the year
Add in a surprising number of stallions being gay, and you have a very lucrative situation for the few males who are willing to breed in the first place.
It would be especially bad in the small towns. Between the minimal numbers of eligible males, the high birthrate of mares compared to stallions, and the number of stallions who end up not interested in mares, you could easily end up the only option for every female there, related or not.
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Mmmfh if one stud shows up only he might be able breed all the mares of the current day~
It could be a thing of stallions coming daily to breed~
Also its very imaginable that even the genetic code of ponies are likely to reproduce more mares than stallions, so this keeps on and on. And on ~
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It would be really hot if this is what they have instead of marriage in Equestria. If a mare wants to start a family, she goes to the local breeding barn during estrus, gets tied up and waits for a stallion to come and rut her. The mare does not have a say in who the stallion should be, and can't reject him. In fact, if the stallion wants to stay anonymous, the mare is blindfolded for his privacy. The stallion gets paid handsomely for his services and has no obligation to help raise the foals, even if some stallions choose to do so. If there are a lot of stallions, they have a system for deciding which stallion gets which mare, but sometimes just one, lucky stallion shows up for breeding duty for the day.

Why would they do this? Let's say we have an extreme gender ratio of 10 mares to every stallion. Breeding season only lasts a single day of the year, and in the old days horny mares would instinctively hunt down and mate with any stallion they could find, even if they had to resort to incest. Nowadays mares have ways to suppress their estrus cycle if they don't plan on breeding, but if they do want to breed, they won't be able to control themselves and must be tied up. Add in a surprising number of stallions being gay, and you have a very lucrative situation for the few males who are willing to breed in the first place.
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Fluttershy in the sky,
I'm feelin' twice as high!
I have no cares
I'm in a mare
I'm breeding Rainbow!
I will do everything!
I'll fill her holes!
And giver her foals!
I'm breeding Rainbow!
I can do everything!
I have no cares,
I'm in a mare!
I'm breeding Rainbow!
(I'm breeding Rainbow!)
(I'm breeding Rainbow!)