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explicit (242483)artist:woozybits (28)princess celestia (75299)twilight sparkle (231371)3d (40658)alicorn (128229)all fours (2286)anatomically correct (15468)animated (74355)anus (65076)balls (49089)balls deep (934)bedroom eyes (38520)clitoris (17093)creampie (19602)cum (56490)cumming (13349)doggy style (5552)face down ass up (5134)female (596459)from behind (8860)futa (32019)futa on female (8373)futa princess celestia (1736)horsecock (42779)intersex (30749)leg twitch (144)no sound (1427)nudity (250707)open mouth (81964)patreon (7657)patreon logo (5702)penetration (32386)penis (103683)plot (54702)ponut (27827)pony (514000)pulsating (16)sex (78079)shipping (139329)source filmmaker (23256)throbbing (408)twilestia (2176)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (86000)vaginal (24097)vulva (77686)vulvar winking (7277)webm (4100)


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Background Pony #04C4
I like to image this animation going with the ending scene in NSFW! https://www.fimfiction.net/story/377083/2/show-stopper/2-in-which-twilight-sparkles-new-spell-is-discovered
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Woozy Bits
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Porn and stuff
I don’t mind it at all. You credited well, heck you even linked our Patreon.

We just got back to it, Hence why I am even here to begin with.
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@Woozy Bits
Webm compatibility has seen a lot of the greatest animations out there being reuploaded to Derpi in video form, to go along their gifs versions. Gotta admit This one is easily one of my fave, all the little details just make it that much better; hope you don’t mind me reuploading it?

Hope to see more from you, your stuff is great!
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Background Pony #0DB4
Since we never see Celestia’s eyes open, I’m going to assume she’s sleepwalking while having a wet dream, and Twilight definitely does not want to stop her.
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Background Pony #83C5
Futa really isn’t my thing but woozybits is so good at subtly changing facial expressions. Twilight looks so cute getting fucked.
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