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Fixed a few noticeable flaws that escaped my attention the first time n n. I need to stop doing that. Anyway this will be merged not for upvotes but due updated and corrected.

Commission requested by an Annonymous user. CMC’s, reaching the puberty, surprised in the showers of the swiming pool. If only they were naked XD….

Oh, right, the alternate version with 100% less swimsuit but 60% watermark, can be found on the link below.

Enjoy n n.
safe1708155 artist:succubi samus636 apple bloom49595 scootaloo51293 sweetie belle49070 equestria girls200715 adorabloom2778 adorasexy9790 attached skirt154 bicolor swimsuit218 bikini18153 blushing197935 breasts278070 camera3988 camera shot1222 caught3368 clothes460237 commission68580 covering3944 cute200069 cutealoo2878 cutie mark crusaders19042 delicious flat chest5203 diasweetes2921 embarrassed11398 embarrassed underwear exposure848 explicit source4922 female1364717 frilled swimsuit266 gray swimsuit14 implied spike753 lidded eyes30760 one-piece swimsuit4443 open mouth146186 pink swimsuit234 polka dot swimsuit90 purple swimsuit261 scootaflat228 sexy29478 show accurate15541 shower3436 showers29 smiling248965 smirk12501 steam1886 surprised9289 swimsuit28307 trio9200 varying degrees of want717 voyeur469 voyeurism2199


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Aww, the pbooru link is broken…

Is there a new place to see the alt version?