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(Anyone else here who mains medic?)
safe1555927 artist:zutheskunk187 big macintosh26669 fluttershy195827 earth pony190651 pegasus232590 pony827106 absurd resolution63690 annoyed4963 clothes401307 crossover56401 derp6286 dialogue58887 duo47944 female880216 fluttermedic169 fluttershy is not amused252 ghastly gibus4 glasses53904 healing75 heavy725 heavy mac105 male299203 mare404503 medic1083 medigun66 minigun410 simple background338011 stallion90408 team fortress 25273 unamused13372 vector70588 white background84892


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Sometimes I like to follow these people to the front line and then straight-up abandon them to the enemy.

If the entire team's like this and Valve's matchmaking stuck us a one-sided match again, I sometimes make friends with an enemy spy and heal them instead. They get to be more aggressive, and I have fun avoiding enemy fire to try and get a domination against my own team without giving away who the spy is.

Respect your medics, because they can destroy you.
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Despite letting everyone know, the enemy team will still not target the medic first.
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I did from 2008 until last year when I quit playing. Since I have a younger brother, he screamed at me whenever I spent a fraction of a second healing anyone other than him :D

Me and him would also spam the "MEDIC!" voice command so that we could find each other though echolocation.