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Door Belle
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Black Ink
I’m so glad I randomly happened to look over Pudgey’s stuff again.

I can’t not say how much I love the little details. That leg-jiggling due to the way Rainbow has her feet resting is one of those small-but-great things.
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It’s so nice to see a picture at the top of the rankings because of how cute and oustandingly well done it is, and not just because of some kinky porn. (Not that i have anything against it, but this is very refreshing!)

This is just impressive!
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Background Pony #7B22
Freaking love this entire piece.

Although as a frenchman I wonder what’s the name of that cafe now. The second word is obviously parisien but I can’t figure the first :P.
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Mugen Kagemaru
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The Endless Warlock (K♦)
@Cpt Pudge Muffin
That’s nice and all, so is Jondor’s headcanon, but, as she’s a Pegasus, her having wings is kinda part of her character, same with Fluttershy, any other Pegasus, and all of the Alicorns.

First thing most folks who care about it will see is them mysteriously becoming Earthbound. Simple Unicorns for the Alicorns.
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