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June 22-24, 2017.
Color of raffle sketch by MrsCurlyStyles. Celestia’s particularly large assets are Curly’s contribution.
EDIT (June 30): Fixed a few details and made BG adjustments.
suggestive165469 artist:king-kakapo1266 artist:mrscurlystyles692 princess celestia102449 human186932 beautiful6507 big breasts99944 breasts324859 busty princess celestia11712 clothes534396 collaboration5996 colored21403 eye clipping through hair9885 female1539349 hair2264 hair over one eye10722 huge breasts46291 human female1719 humanized107315 imminent wardrobe malfunction97 jacket15317 large voluminous hair129 lipstick13182 miniskirt5272 multicolored hair8138 office1092 panties55596 pantyhose3746 purple eyes3679 shirt30451 simple background473656 skirt46028 skirt lift5049 skirt suit161 solo1213115 solo female199858 stupid sexy celestia1828 thighs19860 tight clothing3027 transparent background236445 underwear68090 upskirt6485 white underwear3666 wide hips22396


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Artist -

Uuuh…I need to make an adjustment on the top end of the skirt. It looks like it has no waist support under the shirt.
Background Pony #9BC4
That’s what you get for eating all those pancakes with whip cream and fruit everyday Celestia. Now don’t get me wrong you look fan-fucking-tastic. But you need to get some new professional attire for the school. But keep that one! That can be for private study events~