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artist description:
i have 4 univers of different next gen (monsters like Rarity x Diamond dog, "normal" like Twilight x Flash and "normal 2" like Twilight x Comet Tale) but that's my favorite univers(i don't know why :/)
the ships are:
Twilight x Moondancer-Star Book(alicorn)
Fluttershy x Rarity-Angel(pegasus)
Applejack x Rara-Apple Melody
Twilight(or Ski Twi) x Sunset Shimmer-Destiny(unicorn with the broken horn so earth pony)
Pinkie Pie x Rainbow Dash-Bubble Fly(pegasus)
Trixie x Starlight-Satifire(unicorn)
Base - You need to go that way by Chaostrical
safe (1488865) artist:nemeless14070315 (2) oc (558109) oc only (380703) oc:angel (146) oc:apple melody (7) oc:bubble fly (1) oc:destiny (76) oc:satifire (1) oc:star book (1) pony (767063) base used (12360) broken horn (11099) magical lesbian spawn (8979) next generation (5598) offspring (30792) parent:applejack (2933) parent:coloratura (325) parent:fluttershy (3575) parent:pinkie pie (3269) parent:rainbow dash (4541) parent:rarity (3180) parent:sci-twi (200) parent:sunset shimmer (1240) parent:twilight sparkle (6577) parents:flarity (56) parents:pinkiedash (152) parents:rarajack (169) parents:scitwishimmer (173) parents:sunsetsparkle (330) parents:twidancer (21) simple background (311044)


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