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More of my horse ships!!!
I love shipping cute horses!!!

Top to Bottom, Left to Right
this one is kinda complicated because it's not a romantic ship(mostly). PokeyPieJoe is a platonic relationship (mostly), since in my canon Pinkie is greyromantic. Pokey, however, is in love with her, though he understands she doesn't really reciprocate. Donut Joe isn't entirely oblivious, and just thought of this as a fling with Pinkie, but has his own small crush. He does see Pokey's very very strong feelings and his feelings aren't something he's head-over-heels in. Pinkie's mostly just having fun with her good good friends.
CaraLime~ I love the 'sees through the rough outside' trope, and an overtly affectionate partner to a salty sourpuss.
And last but not least, another complicated mess. BlueTrix + Starlight. Also not a polyship. Blueblood and Trixie are married but Trixie is having an affair with Starlight. She knows Blueblood cheats on her too with floozies here and there, but she feels her cheating is more serious, since hers involves love and Blueblood's are merely sexual. Just a glimpse at a bit of my story in the middle of this cute horse nonsense.
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@Gay Space Raptor
I like ships that are entertaining. The clones thing i can see as good r34 fodder and it's p much masturbation, right?
Like even with this, I made these as part of a showcase to my Next Gen AU storyline. I genuinely like both BlueTrix as a loving ship and StarTrix as a loving ship, and a polyship as a loving ship, but this in particular was to show the individual relationships going on in my storyline. This faulty relationship is a necessity, not because I prefer them this way.
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I just think they're too similar. Besides, I see pinkie as being grey- romantic so she wouldn't have much relationship interest in him either way. Just a fun fling. I like the idea of him seeing Maud and being completely taken aback, proceeding to almost pull a pepe le pew in terms of cheesy romanticism. Maud finds him comforting and familiar and trusting and can't help but love that.
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Having difficulty not imagining Pinkie at least a TAD disappointed about the 1st one — after all, Cheese more or less told her she was his idol/role model in the episode. :p But loving the originality of it!