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Sciencepone of Science!
I think what Faust said her headcanon (headcanon until the creators make it actual canon in the actual show) was that Pear Butter died in childbirth of Applebloom, and Bright Mac died in a farming accident. That doesn’t necessarily place chronology on Bright Mac’s death, other than it had to happen at the earliest a pregnancy term before Apple Bloom was born, but it does mean that Pear Butter can’t be alive after Apple Bloom’s born.

Oh jeez. That just makes me think… @Background Pony #C871 @Poptard what if there was some internal or subtle complication in the birth that doesn’t manifest for like 12 or 24 hours, and this is the morning after AB is born, and she’s literally just hours away…

Gosh dangit.
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I’m always so happy but also so sad when I see Pear Butter with Apple Bloom because it’s like I can see an hourglass over their heads.
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