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My seventh Patreon commission by John Joseco.
This concept came around I was pondering what Spitfire whispered to Rainbow as an embarrassing nickname for herself was. (With my being in the gutter, I think it would be along the lines of "Swallowfire or Spit n' Swallow", but we all know it's something more tame than that).
Since there wasn't much artwork of the Wonderbolts done by Mr. Joseco (even though Rainbow Dash is his favorite pony), I asked him to draw Rainbow Dash witnessing the dirty secret of Spitfire for the first time while the other Wonderbolts (who have already seen it beforehand) are just getting done from their shower time while still enjoying the view.

Art by John Joseco.
MLP: FiM is © to Hasbro & created by Lauren Faust.
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Also I forgot.
Could you please send a small requests to the the Creator and admin to get their installation out of cloudflare ?
I like fimfic but I am worried for the people who use their services.
Cloudflare is very, very bad for the internet in general here's a small conversation that was made a few month ago when cloudflare leaked literally evething (even what was normally encrypted) on the cache of search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc…
Here's more about the cloudflare leak

Thank you for your time.

Well here it is, and in much less time than I was expecting. I don't think I can call it "done" done but a solid 1st draft in my mind.

Here ya go

Thanks for the great fic.
But can I suggest too evade google docs please ?
I had too pass half an hour to get around their tracking system and javascript redirecting…
Plus depending on the country, there are some restrictions, like for example a mandatory google account if you are in x country.

For those who want to read the fic without having the trouble that I had I re-uploaded the text on:

You have a lot of solutions like that see here.
But avoid those who uses cloudflare tho.

Anyway great work.
Take care.

Hey, 'yo. As a former editor, I'd love to give you a hand with it. From a compulsory skim, it doesn't seem too long, so it could be pretty easy to take on, unless you suddenly feel inspired to add "Surprise Buttsex" in an epilogue.

… OR some Facefucking… I mean, whatever gets and keeps you hard, right? ;D
Background Pony #3B0B
fucking hot!
right in the fetishes: casual sex and exhibitionism / watching

very good work! will you post this on fimfiction, too, so it can be put in fitting groups and faved etc?