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Actually, that’s because Bright Mac is Big Mac’s dad so Bright Mac and his wife Pear Butter (or Buttercup) named him after himself. Also, no offense but nothing looks the same about Sugar Belle and Pear Butter expect their manes

They just have similar mane styles. Dead mom mane styles. And body shapes, but that's because 98% of mares have the same model.
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I keep seeing this pic, yet I still can't agree. These two mares look nothing alike. Butter Pear's mane is longer and less kept plus her body type is even slightly different. Plus let's please not be blind enough to not see the species difference here. Sugar Belle is a unicorn, plain and simple. Though even if she was an earth pony, I still don't see the similarity.

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Maybe he is aware of that. Some men like women who remind them of their mother, especially those who like their mother, because they expect their children to have a mother as good as theirs.

In "Do Ponies Dream of Magic Sheep" there was the whole Princess Big Mac, thing, which might not seem to count for much. However, in "Dungeons and Discords" his character is a unicorn. Since there is not much reason why his character could not be an alicorn, it can be implied that his preference leaned from being the idea of an alicorn, to that of a unicorn.

Of course, this is only speculation on my part, but it does make sense. After all, his dreams and fantasies involve him having a horn on his head. His first crush being a unicorn helps solidify the idea.