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dead source19531 safe1578525 artist:tswt60 fluttershy198172 rainbow dash219742 pegasus240632 pony848082 cliff1041 cloud27211 cloudy5989 duo49543 duo female7663 eyes closed80461 falling2499 feather5225 female901714 flying34402 gritted teeth10366 knockout78 mare416800 reaching375 rescue247 sad22751 scenery7203 sky11843 spread wings47961 unconscious442 underhoof46969 vertigo240 waterfall1517 wide eyes16213 windswept mane2604 wings76590


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Bendy and the InkMachine
If you turn this pic around, it lookes like Fluttershy is falling instead and like in a part in Smile HD, Rainbow Dash takes off towards the sky and is gonna Sonic Rainboom down to catch Fluttershy.

Btw, this almost made me cry. Anyway, good… no. Should I say great or AWSOME JOB?!?!
Background Pony #2065
OMG This WILL happen in the future! I love looking at sad MLP pics but this one makes me cry after looking at so many others!