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night watch

[Documentary narrator voice] Just like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Equestrian females are bigger than their male counterparts. Due to the low number of stallions in the population, ponies usually form herds composed by several mares sharing a single male. During heat season, the mares spend most of their time mating repeatedly with their stallion in order to increase chances of pregnancy, however even during their wildest moments of passion, they’re always aware of their bigger size and strength, and they’re really careful at not hurting their comparatively small mate.
The courting follows a specific ritual. Herd mates are often friends since young age, and when they reach sexual maturity, they go in search of a partner. When they find a stallion of their liking, the mares approach him and proceed displaying their bodies in order to arouse him, inviting him to mate with them.
In these exclusive images that our troupe was able to film thanks to the latest technologies, for the first time we’re able to see on screen this fascinating aspect of the life of the Equestrian ponies.
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Question stuff and enjoy
Scoot: Cutie Mark Crusaders Amazonian seductresses!
SB: Wait we already got our cutie marks ages ago.
AB: Eh this guy won’t care either way.