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Full res 16:9 version of this picture.

This particular version of the picture is derpibooru exclusive (not sure if the tag applies so I won't put it), this means I won't update it on tumblr.


Wouldn't be right to draw a Luna picture and not follow it up with some cake butt

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explicit338615 artist:php8068 derpibooru exclusive27069 princess celestia93107 alicorn215242 pony922938 absurd resolution65167 bed39348 bedroom eyes57242 both cutie marks10002 dildo13579 ear fluff27164 female1321733 glowing horn18740 human vagina on pony3760 insertion17143 invitation120 inviting539 looking at you160163 magic70892 mare458391 masturbation18094 multicolored mane1422 multicolored tail1081 nudity356682 on back23674 open mouth137353 pillow17112 plot76016 praise the sun2008 presenting23208 purple eyes2111 royalty1137 sex toy24606 solo1033358 solo female175640 sparkles4181 spread wings52040 stupid sexy celestia1544 sunbutt3911 telekinesis26678 tongue out99202 underhoof49917 vaginal insertion6095 vaginal secretions38607 vibrator4440 vulva122772 wallpaper18358 wallpaper for the fearless1745 wingboner8017


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