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Full res 16:9 version of this picture.
This particular version of the picture is derpibooru exclusive (not sure if the tag applies so I won’t put it), this means I won’t update it on tumblr.

Wouldn’t be right to draw a Luna picture and not follow it up with some cake butt
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explicit366096 artist:php8068 derpibooru exclusive29721 princess celestia97347 alicorn236271 pony1030526 absurd resolution67653 bed42917 bedroom eyes62234 both cutie marks10943 dildo14563 ear fluff32314 female1419165 glowing horn20958 human vagina on pony4502 insertion18757 invitation137 inviting636 looking at you178687 magic76407 mare511371 masturbation19354 multicolored mane1795 multicolored tail1370 nudity387373 on back25342 open mouth158321 pillow18931 plot83397 praise the sun2098 presenting25139 purple eyes2758 royalty1278 sex toy26557 solo1109060 solo female185435 sparkles4903 spread wings58241 stupid sexy celestia1624 sunbutt4264 telekinesis29194 tongue out110072 underhoof54533 vaginal insertion6780 vaginal secretions41349 vibrator4826 vulva134907 wallpaper18960 wallpaper for the fearless1797 wingboner8419


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