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This particular version of the picture is derpibooru exclusive (not sure if the tag applies so I won’t put it), this means I won’t update it on tumblr.

Wouldn’t be right to draw a Luna picture and not follow it up with some cake butt
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explicit445663 artist:php8069 derpibooru exclusive37987 princess celestia109307 alicorn296034 pony1446466 absurd resolution74063 bed54073 bedroom eyes77637 both cutie marks13402 butt212767 dildo17420 ear fluff46050 female1708310 glowing horn27586 human vagina on pony8212 insertion22433 invitation184 inviting955 looking at you239713 magic92147 mare683142 masturbation23101 multicolored mane3829 multicolored tail2656 nudity483511 on back31931 open mouth218726 pillow24128 plot132157 praise the sun2330 presenting32121 purple eyes5006 royalty1741 sex toy32284 solo1359014 solo female221497 sparkles7715 spread wings85508 stupid sexy celestia2132 sunbutt5563 telekinesis37063 tongue out138656 underhoof65544 vaginal insertion8032 vaginal secretions49894 vibrator6081 vulva176196 wallpaper20509 wallpaper for the fearless1973 wingboner9404


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