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Dinky Whooves all grown up. I loved how this turned out. Like before this will be part of a larger image of Dinky with her intended. This picture is not meant to be canon. I am doing a set of couples pictures for my Fic, "Luna the Matchmaker." As soon as her intended is reveled, a new picture will be uploaded of the two of them.Yes, it's ANOTHER vector mash up (get used to this until I can get a new scanner or a drawing tablet)Base image[link]Cutie mark[link]Goggles[link]
safe1558294 artist:danton-damnark57 artist:dlazerous47 artist:klarnetist17 artist:shelmo6989 edit114874 vector edit2146 dinky hooves4235 pony829333 unicorn258887 death stare227 female882353 goggles13114 mare405739 older22617 simple background338936 solo961546 staring ponies17 transparent background176662 vector70646


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