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Commission for Umamistale.
There’s a story to go along with it that will be up shortly! Keep an eye out on my Tumblr.
explicit (278370)artist:ralek (1209)oc (516849)oc only (359713)oc:ralek (217)oc:uma stale (21)an egg being attacked by sperm (1247)barbed penis (422)cervical contact (628)cervix (1214)cloven hooves (7119)creampie (22924)crossbreeding (289)cum (63956)cumming (15819)drool (19881)drool string (4446)egg cell (1160)female (744185)flower (17999)grass (6737)griffon (20921)griffon on pony action (378)impregnation (2009)internal (3246)internal cumshot (2576)interspecies (18347)knot (2889)male (252194)oc x oc (10952)original species (17954)pegasus (182596)penetration (40423)pinned (371)pinned down (130)pony (675889)pony on griffon action (845)sex (92309)shipping (161745)spermatozoon (1161)spread wings (40228)straight (107822)tail feathers (641)teeth (6313)tongue out (74435)vaginal (28953)wings (51064)x-ray (5503)


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Background Pony #82CD
It really comes off as…kinda odd or even rude when your lone comment on a picture is about how one of the characters is a genderswapped you.
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

It’s a good one. Basically a Fallout and MLP crossover… Depending who you speak with it’s either the best thing ever or the worst thing so.. Eh shrug Basically the pink cloud is a zebra WMD. It releases toxic gas that tends to fuse things together and melt your insides… Funtimes. And Passel is basically sentient cloud. At first she was made to be the most special-snowflake character ever but then she actually stuck cuz people liked her.
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Chest Fluff Enthusiast
I’ve seen passel. I still would like to know about that pink stuff that drips from her nose. And I dislike Subspecies because they are almost as bad if not worse than alicorns.
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