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Background Pony #B764
Would be a fun little easter egg and reference to show Starlight with the hat on.

Maybe have Twilight walk in on her trying it on, only for Starlight to panic and hide the hat.
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Love the hat. Ponies with hats are better.

@Background Pony #2A97
Ironically, if you saw the EqG movies, Flash never even "gets the girl." The sequels even started making it into a running-joke with him. >>988965 (Plus, Sunset stated she didn’t actually like him when she was supposedly with him.) If anything, he’s as big a loser with the ladies as we all are.

And honestly, he’s barely even in the movies, (especially the sequels) so it’s kinda ridiculous to let him keep you from giving them a shot. It’s like how some won’t even watch "Starlight Glimmer" episodes.
Background Pony #2A97
Love and Tolerate.

I can only speak for myself, I’m not a big fan of EqG. Flash Sentry ruined it for me, and I never did like the high school drama genre.

Yeah, I’m bitter because he was the type of guy I always saw got the girls while the scrawny, awkward nerds like me didn’t, and my high school days were… meh. I just did my own thing, avoided a lot of drama and negative influence that way.
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Background Pony #2A97

Replied to wrong comment below.

Personally, I have to disagree. I’m not saying she’s not adorable here, but…

#1. I’ve already fallen in love with Glimmy the way she is and I adore that lopsided manestyle,
#2. I’d rather if EqG didn’t influence the main show too much.

But meh. To each their own.
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