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Lol, now there is one part in that whole episode 4 where it could be mistaken as somewhat an "intimate" moment with pinkie and Maud, in a bed. Maybe its just my own dirty deviant thoughts, but a lot of things she does could be misconstrued as sexual, and that’s with almost any episode.

But… who’s to say for sure. She’s my number one, and I’m a freak. Lol!
suggestive (82490)artist:flicker-show (272)pinkie pie (155586)rock solid friendship (989)spoiler:s07e04 (989)absurd res (36461)anthro (146265)bedroom eyes (33582)big breasts (34046)breasts (133140)busty pinkie pie (6488)cleavage (19716)clothes (245206)curvy (3969)erect nipples (3514)female (409627)hourglass figure (612)lip bite (6400)nipple outline (2325)nipples (70533)pajamas (1819)plantigrade anthro (16383)polka dots (62)seductive look (573)seductive pose (796)solo (667378)solo female (119425)stupid sexy pinkie (346)traditional art (71120)

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