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"Firstly, Pinkie, don’t break immersion by getting meta about the miniatures;
secondly, Rarity, don’t usurp the DM’s throne through god-moding;
lastly, both of you: this isn’t even technically a LARP!"

( made with gingerfoxy’s fun Pinkie Pie & Rarity Comic Generator ! )
safe (1425526)artist:gingerfoxy (555)applejack (147417)fluttershy (183688)pinkie pie (188595)princess platinum (554)rainbow dash (203394)rarity (157194)twilight sparkle (259655)dragon (37393)pony (688162)friendship is witchcraft (728)pony comic generator (479)balloon (8799)bandana (3760)bard (225)cape (7598)clothes (354603)comic (89236)crown (10664)cutie mark (33806)dice (390)dm screen (17)dungeon master (47)dungeons and dragons (1034)fantasy class (1242)figurine (1120)frown (19547)gaming miniature (245)glare (7557)gypsy bard (56)gypsy pie (210)jewelry (38794)larp (17)mane six (26315)miniature (289)musical instrument (5816)queen (530)regalia (12165)roleplaying (466)romani (175)singing (5169)smiling (182566)song (762)tabletop game (252)tambourine (387)whistling (208)


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