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Based on the Chinese comic panels from: www.oldmasterq.com/_STRIPS/C02… I don’t see what’s the problem here with your mother’s bath time! This looks like a very relaxing way to cool yourself during the dog days of summer! That’s only the beginning of her leisure time, but once she starts feeling calm and relaxed in her own bubble—- Weeellll, let’s just say strong turbulent waves become more frequent once she’s lost in her imagination…(Don’t ask me how I found out about it!)For more Master Q Parodies, go to: meiyeezhu.deviantart.com/galle…
suggestive (112915)artist:meiyeezhu (290)windy whistles (1594)human (130601)anime (3555)bath (2166)bathroom (1471)bath time (11)bathtub (1245)blue underwear (2007)bra (12298)breasts (203147)city (3102)cityscape (379)clothes (355057)comic (89355)crop top bra (815)feet (29496)goggles (11710)hat (64598)heat (110)heatwave (25)hot (332)humanized (87967)mirror (4080)old master q (358)panties (41497)purse (415)shoes (24014)sleeping (19204)snorkel (353)soap (535)summer (914)sun (4985)sweat (19840)swimsuit (20886)tongue out (75653)towel (2883)traditional art (96248)underwater (3867)underwear (49581)vase (387)water (9838)window (5973)


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Background Pony #F238
It is going to be a hundred sixteen freaking degrees today.
I work nights. It was 90 degrees at 3 in the morning.
I legit and might do this today
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