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explicit388835 artist:scorpdk710 princess celestia100615 human180198 areola21950 armlet252 armpits44348 belly button88708 belly piercing1630 bellyring1555 big breasts95939 big nipples4038 biting4225 bracelet11453 breasts315122 busty princess celestia11334 clothes518283 condom3537 couch9653 ear piercing31752 earring24729 female1499749 humanized105652 jewelry79936 jewelry only338 looking at you195915 multicolored hair7429 necklace23367 nipple piercing6314 nipples192468 nudity419007 one eye closed36407 piercing48346 puffy areolas2190 regalia25452 seductive2741 smiling296583 smiling at you9738 socks75064 solo1181600 solo female195396 thigh highs43199 tongue bite291 tongue out118215 vulva146007 wink27759 winking at you1720


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This looks so damn weird. It’s like she doesn’t have a proper pubic mound. Instead she just has her labia just kind of…floating there.
This artist is talented, yes, but they really need to work on more than big boobs and animu faces.
Background Pony #C42A
What you’re saying pretty much proves their point. Just because something is popular and people think it’s amazing, doesn’t mean it’s entirely good.
As for the upvotes, I can tell you this is upvoted simply for the fact she has her tits out and legs spread. And just because it’s upvoted doesn’t mean it’s OMG IMPOSSIBLE for it to have flaws, which it does. It’s funny how instead of people going “Oh, well yeah, he messed that up, ah well.” when people point point out flaws, they instead attack commenters who are simply trying to point out some mistakes the artist seems to make rather frequently.
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SoulsBorne Veteran
@Background Pony #A583  
Give me please example of something bad that got so many upvotes on this website then.  
Anyway, popular =/= good. True, but not most of the time. If something is popular then there is a reason for that.  
99% of the time its because said popular thing is good and many people approve it and enjoying it.  
Especially when we are talking about image board with upvote/downvote system.  
In short: when something is bad, it doesn’t get a lot of upvotes.

Offensive. Please ban.
People winging about “realism.”  
Y’all realize that this is all based on a cartoon about bug-eyed technicolor talking horses, right?

A hot image of Celestia, unrealistic, but if you want realism, look out the window. A superb piece of art from a superb artist.
Background Pony #090C
Well, the reason of “it isn’t real” shouldn’t be used if the artist wishes to improve their skills, especially since it doesn’t change the fact it still looks somewhat bad. Achievable? Yes, but that doesn’t mean they should ignore many points to the basic anatomy of the human body. That’s just my own input though :)

Offensive. Please ban.
@Background Pony #C84B  
I can kind of see your point, but this kind of anatomy isn’t impossible. It’s called an “aspirational body type,” and it can be achieved. Just ask Dita Von Teese. Sure, it’s a bit exaggerated here, but it is a cartoon. Who said it had to be 100% realistic.  
Oh God. This is starting to sound like Gamergate.
Background Pony #A544
He is right though. Her mid-section does have a “tube” quality about it that isn’t natural. It’s as if her ribs don’t exist. Her pussy mound also looks a bit bulged out, which might be because of her lack of a stomach and she’d benefit a LOT by having a better defined middle so that it doesn’t look like her chest and hips are stretched out. The artist is good, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make anatomy mistakes, which this very much is. From the chest up, she’s very well done though, especially the face.