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safe1690817 artist:foxystash3 edit130709 rarity180368 spike78351 dragon55341 pony952547 unicorn316620 derpibooru7100 fanfic:like fine wine34 cuddling8291 derpimilestone87 female1348707 floppy ears51497 frown22609 get367 glasses60980 hug27961 lidded eyes30149 male367469 mare473356 meta16565 missing cutie mark4544 shipping198108 simple background388094 sitting62377 sparity6628 spread wings53828 straight134766 tags573 white background96312 winged spike8304 wings104128


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Nah, she's just feeling old. The "Like Fine Wine" tag means it's from a fic where Spike & Rarity meet up again in the future when he's grown up, and she's grown… older.

He still loves her, of course.