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This was originally supposed to be a fight picture whoops
safe1708321 artist:vanillaswirl6334 applejack170066 rainbow dash234134 earth pony249442 pegasus292500 pony969432 fall weather friends750 angry27265 autumn1617 bound wings3534 cheek fluff5579 chest fluff39212 cloud30771 colored eyelashes403 colored pupils9721 cowboy hat15914 dirt763 duo61513 ear fluff29636 fangs25401 female1364859 fluffy14258 freckles28929 grass9704 hat86994 leaves1937 looking at each other20269 mare481594 open mouth146215 rope11463 running5982 running of the leaves175 scene interpretation8614 scrunchy face7165 sharp teeth3759 sky14183 snarling151 stetson5004 teeth9819 tree32290 windswept mane2791


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