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Someone had to do it.
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In all fairness, Sunset has had the spotlight for most of the EqG series, it's just that there's WAY less of that produced than there is of standard Pony, and the other protagonists have Equestrian counterparts who get the spotlight every so often even when the human versions don't.
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You know it's kinda sad how accurately this portrays the typical sunset vs starlight debate, it's extremely rare to find fans of those two characters who'll debate with each other in a respectful and rational way.
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I happen to like both, to an extent; it's just that Sunset is better, mainly because Starlight seems to take the spotlight more often than need be.
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@Background Pony #61F4

@Background Pony #61F4
Starlight sucks because she went from evil villain to totally reformed in literally one scene, then spent an entire season being a groveling, miserable, depressing pile of uselessness that couldn't stop reminding everyone how terrible she was

How about you take a few steps back, open your eyes, and stop deluding yourself into thinking that's all she was. Considering the fact that there were several episodes what she didn't mope about her past it's clear you're just making half that crap up.

Also useless? I'm sorry, who is the one who saved everybody from the changelings?