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star eater :3
safe (1523138) artist:magnaluna (945) princess luna (91655) alicorn (183906) pony (797775) :3 (3747) cute (167325) eating (8276) edible heavenly object (59) ethereal wings (92) female (847368) floating wings (899) floppy ears (44763) galaxy mane (888) hnnng (2178) lunabetes (2914) mare (387502) nom (2777) smiling (202436) solo (937464) tangible heavenly object (1239) wings (65487)


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Background Pony #EDE4
Too cute! Do you want to give me a heart att-


Too late.
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Peruser of Pony Pics
"The stars will aid in her escape"

Now I have to wonder if she escaped by eating stars, which gained her enough power to escape the moon. This is my new headcanon.