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safe (1525124) artist:australian-senior (303) twilight sparkle (274685) oc (574874) oc:twilight invictus (14) alicorn (184514) pony (800111) kirindos (268) alternate color palette (392) alternate universe (8115) chest fluff (30039) chibi (12518) colored hooves (4082) colored wings (4718) colored wingtips (1463) cute (167716) ear fluff (21275) heart eyes (13290) simple background (325476) solo (938800) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (111243) white background (81556) wingding eyes (18126)


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KirinDOS! It's vaguely Portal-related and the storyline is prreeettttyyyy fragmented atm since I don't know how to go about establishing stuff that isn't just pages upon pages of Skype ramblings, but there's plenty of art and a few worldbuilding documents on my deviantArt.