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Sonata in the Slave Princess outfit!

Because sometimes… you just some Dazzling in your lives, if this does well, i may just complete a pack of Slave Dazzling!
suggestive140661 artist:nauth658 sonata dusk13396 anthro256028 belly dancer877 blue hair954 breasts272855 equestria girls ponified4270 featureless crotch6804 female1346023 femsub10621 gem5924 gradient background12364 looking back56214 ponified40594 raised tail15057 rearboob809 sex slave776 sexy28807 siren gem1750 slave2581 solo1051590 solo female177785 sonata donk479 stupid sexy sonata dusk296 submissive16402 tail26741 veil857


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She almost looks like she's putting on an air of deliberate innocence while being fully seductive beneath. And it works, particularly for Sonata. That's one slave I would treat generously, for sure.

Eagerly hoping for an Aria piece to complete the set.

GildEmber🐉🐯 B-baka
I love it. Sonata's so cute, and Aria is great too. Adagio is only really good in some artists depictions, but can be somewhat decent in a non-artistic way too.