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suggestive167236 artist:magnaluna1195 princess luna107249 twilight sparkle326781 alicorn264174 pony1265509 adorasexy11126 alternate design3866 black underwear4135 blue underwear2564 chest fluff50522 clothes539889 cute228191 duo100428 ear fluff39547 female1553463 frilly underwear4688 galaxy mane1298 glowing horn24206 leg fluff3709 lunabetes3886 magic83647 mare587481 mirror6181 open mouth187299 panties56086 raised hoof57257 sexy35972 simple background480237 striped underwear3214 swirly markings61 twiabetes13474 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135703 underwear68762


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@Background Pony #17CE  
“We’re princesses. We don’t show our panties for no reason, but at least it’s more noble to wear one. Canterlot and any other big city ponies always wear clothes, underwear is no exception. If you want, you could find a handsome stallion there to be your boyfriend. I’ve got mine.”
Background Pony #E8F3
“Twilight, I don’t feel these are appropriate undergarments for a princess to wear…”