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Commission during Super Stream Un10n


explicit (238577)artist:northernsprint (522)fluttershy (162809)princess celestia (74706)princess luna (79526)rainbow dash (181935)twilight sparkle (229387)alicorn (125830)anatomically correct (15234)anus (64009)background pony (5255)bdsm (3390)blushing (126940)bondage (22704)both cutie marks (6277)bound (985)bound wings (2473)butt blush (326)canterlot (2936)clopfic in the comments (795)crowd (588)dock (29796)embarrassed (7022)exhibitionism (4286)exposed (212)face down ass up (5068)female (577405)femsub (4237)foreground pony (2)horn ring (3528)humiliation (1505)implied sex (2141)kneeling (5284)magic suppression (2669)mare (244378)moonbutt (2170)nudity (246691)plot (54012)ponut (27265)pony (499379)presenting (16173)public humiliation (351)public nudity (1564)public sex (2059)public use (1443)raised tail (9382)rear view (5824)restrained (826)restraints (86)rope (7529)royal sisters (2237)sex (76654)spreader bar (1597)spreading (10539)spread legs (11560)stocks (683)story in the comments (503)sublestia (483)submissive (6791)sunbutt (2515)tail (9634)tail wrap (4147)town square (11)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (84925)voyeurism (1686)vulva (76051)

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Okay, i know this is for some erotica, or something like that, I get it. But please humor me: how many of us would just go up and release them? If thou agrees say “Aye!”

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Background Pony #1D4D
We need a pic from the other side of this. I want to see Celestia and Luna’s reactions.

Also how is there "sublestia" but none for Twilight and Luna?

That’s been on my to do list for commissions.
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ddmdsc's avatar
Silly Pegasi Pone
@Agent Luna

already did that for my story :P everyone has their own wishes and likes :P I prefer a flushed out story rather then just "mate and walk off" like sex is just there cuz its there and not ment to be something special :P
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