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This was used in My Little Pony Generals held in /co/ and /b/ back in 2011…
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Background Pony #EB86
"love and tolerance" was a joke and the response towards the (welcomed) hatred by everyone else on the board. loving and tolerating those that were butthurt over our presence. mocking them by not giving a fuck and staying there regardless.
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Those people exist in every fandom with a dedicated artist community. I’m talking about the people within our fandom that do nothing but cause trouble: creating drama, stirring the pot to further existing drama, accusing certain fans they don’t approve of as "toxic," selecting what types of fan content is considered more "appropriate" to create and share, people who go out of their way to take down other people’s work because they got offended and because their feelings are more important on the Internet and so everyone else has to adhere to their personal delicate sensibilities and force Hasbro to send the artist a C&D order…., etc. etc.

Love and Tolerance falls flat on its ass once you strip away the thin layer of paint.
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The whole "Love and Tolerance" mantra was flawed from the beginning. Sure, the notion of being kind to others is positive in theory and has decent intentions behind it, but at the end of the day we aren’t even loving or tolerant of each other within the fandom let alone to everyone outside it.

Plus there are some people out there that are not deserving of such tolerance. Acting as though we are somehow solely driven by a notion of kindness to everyone we meet kneecaps our perception of how we interact with everyone outside the fandom, and I can guarantee you no one was convinced to stop trolling, or hating, or making cringe videos about Bronies because we screamed "Love and Tolerance" at them. If anything, it only made them want to do it more.
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