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I don’t normally pay attention to much explicit art here, but Shinodage’s Lyra had a really cute workout outfit, seen in >>1424819 (safe). Just had to do a vector of it.
safe1970747 artist:cheezedoodle961074 lyra heartstrings32153 pony1322434 unicorn445974 .svg available9524 alternate hairstyle33404 clothes558866 female1602388 glowing horn25464 hand10787 leg warmers3094 looking at you216878 magic86430 magic hands1151 mare617857 shirt32391 simple background500959 smiling330922 solo1267805 spandex329 svg4315 tail bun597 tail wrap7646 thumbs up1224 transparent background247472 vector84066 workout outfit918


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Background Pony #3DB6
Imagine how many people would lose their shit if in a future episode, Lyra was in the background wearing this.
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@Deon Miller  
Of the meme version or textless version? I didn’t make one because the hand would be barely visible on white backgrounds. I suppose I could upload one somewhere.
You could always download the SVG from >>1424819 and just delete the background object.