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safe1677313 artist:hikariviny210 discord30445 princess celestia93848 rainbow dash230684 soarin'13810 sunset shimmer61786 twilight sparkle296812 alicorn218872 draconequus11038 pegasus280690 pony940026 unicorn311455 chibi14122 cute195474 cutelestia3536 dashabetes8994 discute1006 dislestia1444 female1337112 lesbian95057 male362922 mare466911 shimmerbetes4299 shipping196389 simple background383883 smiling240585 soarinbetes200 soarindash4751 stallion104928 straight133508 sunsetsparkle4307 twiabetes11495 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122174


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Background Pony #9334
All are adorable, except I prefer Fluttercord… not that Dislestia isn't plausible too though, since the artist had good intentions as of pairing them together.