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…I think I’ll expand this to phone and 16:9 wallpaper sizes (ie, set it in such a way that you can get that Fluttershy foreground for either application)…

Donnyku did the background image, I added clouds, birds, did the lighting, and of course the Fluttershy.

I made this >>1442844 from this >>1442828 and thought, "you know, a little bit of shading can go a long way, so let’s give it some shading… And it needs a background… That background looks dead. I love clouds! Make’em pretty like around a sunset, how they shine yellow from the setting sun – and it doesn’t look alive enough, it needs birds!"

Anyways, this was super fun. Twi is my waifu but sometimes Flutters just steals my heart with her sweet, gentle demure.

And random headcanon; perhaps pegasi have birds’ ability to sense magnetic fields, giving Fluttershy an innate sense of direction helping her not to get lost as she goes into the woods to look after and spend time with her woodland friends.
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I know. I’m wondering why it’s relevant. Did the flowers in the mane make you think of it?

It’s actually some cheerleading outfit thing Rarity made for her and Bulk Biceps in "Rainbow Falls".

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