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Not to nitpick, but that’s actually 100% incorrect on both accounts.

Idw #7 and #8 reveals luna admitting she lied in idw #5 and #6, that there never was such a thing as nightmare forces, and the entity that possessed Rarity was actually ALL of Luna’s own negative emotions as a separate being. She was only luna’s darker half that retained sentience like King Piccolo from dbz or many other fictional characters. It didn’t exist before luna’s darkness emerged, and it didn’t exist after nightmare rarity was exorcised and defeated.

It’s why Nightmare Rarity actually identified as being Luna, with only some of rarity’s quirks along for the ride. She is an existence very similar to the Tantibus, except not purposely created by Luna as a nightmare golem to torment herself.

All ponies are somewhat magical by nature when we consider cutie marks in general, and a canon episode showed that even applebloom had her own ’nightmare’ self playing tricks on her until Luna intervened.

Nightmare Star is a theoretical Celestia that has let her own negative energy completely take over body and soul just like the original Nightmare Moon. It’s closer to how you described Daybreaker.


Daybreaker, on the other hand, is actually neither of the things you mentioned. She is actually only a fake imagination of Starlight’s, of what Celestia might look and act like if Celestia had gone completely darkside.

Luna made it clear that neither THAT Nightmare Moon or Daybreaker were in any way real in the dream, and that the only damage either of them could do was cause stress and damage to starlight’s psyche, and that the only reason Celestia was having any trouble banishing the illusions was that they were hitting closer to home then most nightmares.
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