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"Dear Princess Celestia, today I stopped the yak invasion by disabling their food supply. Your faithful student, Twilight"
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Background Pony #3688
Twilight Sparkill, History's greatest monster and Applejack's arch-nemesis.
Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

the episode in reverse…

despite the ponies' attempts to starve and freeze the yaks to death, their yak stomps were mighty enough to hurl the snow way up onto a tall mountain.
Background Pony #FDD7
dunno why but i kinda wish we saw applejack do this one. dunno, we seen her grow shit before just be holding it :P
Background Pony #369E
Brilliant! Take away their agricultural capabilities, then have them buy food from you. Pony diplomacy 101!