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Nice choice of background to emphasize the story line. Here Luna is finally admitting that she resents Celestia ignoring the work she's doing around the castle. Meanwhile, in the background we see the stained glass window depicting the two royal sisters' confrontation with Discord.
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Background Pony #BE1E
You know, Lulu, I heard that smelling jasmine in your sleep also gives you pleasant dreams!!

I once told my brother about this while shopping for jasmine-scented candles, and he told me "Hmmm, look, Dragon fruit scent fresheners! If you smell dragon fruit* while sleeping, does that mean you dream of DRAGONS???!!"


Aye, the friction between them wasn't just "brushed aside" and after the initial passing of "distance makes the heart grow fonder", the true day in day out taxing hit once more, and while Luna now knew ponies loved the night, she was now sour with Celestia not appreciating what she had been doing.

Conversely, Celestia had been trying to appease Luna while also dealing with her own CONSTANT public image. It makes the idea of Celestia's morning cooking probably one of the few times she's not stuck doing something business related and she goes out of her way to cook for herself and Luna, though Luna is so exhausted and frustrated she can't accept the meal Celestia makes.

… Celestia also takes notice of the fruit Luna eats before bed, then uses it as her topping of pancakes the following morning, but despite that, she doesn't gather how terribly emotionally draining guarding the dreamworld really is, somethign tat was bad enough this time that it slapped both sisters quite harshly with Celestia's own worries of "All Powerful Queendom" reared their (strangely lovely) head.