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Nopony really knows who cast a spell on the bat pony, but what started as a normal day turned into what amounted to a spontaneous afternoon race when suddenly every pony around him started to lurch uncomfortably close. The ability to fly didn't help him much to get away from them, as a couple of them were pegasi, still, he tried to race away from his friends as they had their hearts dead-set on grabbing him. Unfortunately, flying away at all full speed set off more ponies as he passed them by, they'd see him, get hearts in their eyes, and then join the chase.

What a sick, joke, nopony would leave him alone at all, even when he finally tired out and had to stop, they all still had full energy. They kept touching him, hugging him, molesting him and running hooves through hair. He eventually submitted to the torture and let all the ponies poke, lick and squeeze him to their heart's content, they just wouldn't stop. He got irritated with this and after getting some energy back, he kicked his way out of the pile and flew as fast as he could back home, he was in acquaintances with a blue unicorn and seeked him out, begging him to break the spell. The unicorn was unaffected by thee spell, and acted cocky about it. After a few minutes of arguments, he decided he'd try his best, claiming to not be good at practical magic. Somehow it worked though, and all the ponies that were previously chasing the bat pony around were back to normal, albeit confused as to where they were and what they were last doing.

The want it need it spell is fun, yet very dangerous, if only because you don't know how much you'll be touched in places you really don't want touched. In all honestly, all those ponies would probably enjoy chasing him without a spell. Also Patrick and Revision have the same back mane and tail, just different colors, you would probably not see this unless I told you.
safe1750081 artist:lightningbolt918 derpibooru exclusive29304 oc711703 oc:revision5 bat pony52152 earth pony265778 pegasus309004 pony1010130 unicorn342142 .svg available8462 bat wings10036 brendon urie33 clandestine industries123 clothes475842 ear fluff31172 emo847 eyes on the prize5564 fall out boy109 fangs26671 female1401541 flying39403 following33 glasses64560 grin40899 group3569 hat90308 heart50004 heart eyes17500 hoodie14935 horn77532 implied gay1342 implied shipping5192 jewelry68179 looking back60063 looking up17131 makeup22805 male387889 mare502016 mikey way70 my chemical romance171 necklace20366 panic! at the disco98 patrick stump10 pete wentz89 ponified41994 raised hoof48412 running6151 ryan ross31 scared10758 shirt26164 sideburns218 simple background408977 sleeves pulled up2 slit eyes4725 smiling260810 spread wings57038 stallion115677 svg3701 t-shirt4660 tongue out108209 transparent background208738 undershirt417 vector77852 want it need it193 wingding eyes23442 wings123044 wristband3822 zipper820


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Background Pony #5242
Haha, I thought the pink pony was the girl from Icon for Hire at first.
Nice work, you have a good taste in bands.