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questionable (84341)artist:teranen (317)oc (365082)oc:charlene (31)oc only (285742)anthro (146276)anthro oc (15329)bodypaint (472)breasts (133162)cameltoe (4972)clothes (245232)colored pupils (5408)female (409725)gift art (1132)grass (4063)griffon (13603)heterochromia (1909)looking at you (75639)raised leg (4124)smiling (113637)solo (667421)solo female (119435)stupid sexy oc (129)sunlight (437)tribal (293)

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What the Fluff?
@Cherry Crumpets
because there is no exposed genitalia or boobs, so it is suggestive. If they were exposed then it would be considered explicit. what you are making point of is just slight detailing done to the clothing.

Incorrect. There is cameltoe. By site rating guidelines this makes the image Questionable.