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Do YOU want to have the most obscure, hardest to explain My Little Pony T-Shirt at one of this year’s many fine horse-themed conventions? Consider getting yourself the official Ask BlankBon T-Shirt or related Product(s)!

I haven’t ordered a test version of any of these things yet, so if you see something you’re interested in and you think the art may need alignment adjustment or something, let me know. Also, I sorta chose the bg colors on a “looks good to me” whim but will be willing to consider adjusting the BG color on certain things as well.

ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK. Redbubble seems alright but, you know, prints sometimes look… weird?

The Myth, The Legend, The Tumblr:
safe1615049 artist:docwario989 bon bon15672 lyra heartstrings28411 sweetie drops15672 cobra133 mouse1128 pony882764 snake2553 absurd resolution64281 ask24324 askblankbon43 banana1900 basketball net55 bicycle352 bonafied1 bonpun66 boomerang57 car5694 carified19 design525 fire hydrant46 food64252 hair dryer145 hot air balloon924 house2043 hurr durr42 lamp2436 longbon105 shirt design229 simple background360947 skateboard636 skull2817 submarine103 traffic cone93 transformation9875 transparent background187002 tree29169 truck773 tumblr34695 wat18633


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Jake Lion


Yeah, I was thinking that myself, with the shirt. Imma' change it on most of the shirts on redbubble, but then you gotta promise to tell people what it is so they'll still find the tumblr. Horse Honor System
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This is awesome. The one thing I would change about it however. I'd get rid of the text on the bottom. Just let it be incredibly obscure so that only people in the know would understand it.