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nobody's favorite
It’s not the same kind of bread, but it’s still something you’d find in a bakery. It’s also a term of affection, which seemed appropriate for somepony whose only purpose is to swoon over somepony else.
But it doesn’t matter anyway because it’s looking like the friggin’ car names are becoming standard (Ugh, why? Why the names that make it hardest to tell which is which?)
Still, if you want to try to push “Baguette” or whatever through for her, good luck.
@Background Pony #24EE  
I kinda wanted it to be misconstruable that way, given that the entirety of her characterization is “affectionate but not very bright”. ;)
Background Pony #F9F8
I like those names, but I’m with @OneOverTwo on that “Honey Buns” can be misconstrued in some way. I vote for “Honey Bun” (singular)!
… Darn, now I want a honey bun (the pastry).
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Middle’s got a loaf of french bread & a slice of bread with jam or something on it, right’s got a tomato & carrot (I think), & I haven’t seen the other one’s.